Vail Daily letter: Disregarding the voters |

Vail Daily letter: Disregarding the voters

So what’s with the obsession of the town manager and some Town Council members purchasing the Skier Building? All I can say is “wow”!

And to read that you want to go around the voters’ “no” vote to purchase that building, and still make this happen, that just blows my mind. Seriously, what part of “no” does the Town Council and town manager not understand?

Jake, Jennie, good for you both for respecting the voters’ wishes and showing some restraint. I urge you both to encourage the entire board and the Town Manager Virginia to do the same and not circumvent the voters’ wishes!

Here’s a thought: Let the town manager work out the best purchase price she can for that building and then let the voters decide if they feel it’s worth that amount or not. A purchase of that amount should be left up to the voters to decide! Much like Eagle-Vail is doing with their clubhouse discussion.

So then what’s the town’s plan for the existing parcel of land the current offices sit on? You going to magically change original “land use” requirements for that parcel so you can build a B&B or something more to your liking there? Look, we don’t need the few tax dollars something like that brings in. You have to look at the big picture — show some wisdom, patience and vision for that last bit of town land, use it for park space and not an “attractive parking garage.” Really, there’s no such thing. Set it aside and save it for the future residents of Avon 50 years out from now. Who knows? They may need it for something we can’t even imagine, but if we develop that now for a few additional tax dollars, then that just shows how wrong the town’s vision and priorities are.

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Jim Bahan

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