Vail Daily letter: Disrespectful editorial |

Vail Daily letter: Disrespectful editorial

Regarding the Vail Daily editorial “Haymeadow decision belongs with voters,” June 10:

I am a supporter of the Haymeadow Project. I, too, have concerns about the impact traffic will have on the infrastructure and community throughout the construction phase and beyond. In the end though, I believe it will add much-needed critical mass, a well developed family neighborhood thoughtfully designed, planned and engineered with environmental awareness and sustainability in mind. In addition, it will bring jobs to our local market.

We have set an interesting precedent in our small town. I am not sure whether I like it or not, it just is. The town trustees review projects, after public comment they make their decision and then a referendum process is rightfully available to the citizens. Often executed over the past several years I might add!

To say the Haymeadow petition circulators are disappointed with the outcome of the hearing is an understatement, but they will take their medicine. These dedicated community organizers spent significant time and effort circulating petitions, a grass-root attempt, to get a referendum vote only to be “tripped up” by technicalities. The devil is in the details!

Although unsuccessful, their efforts should be recognized respectfully. There is no “shame” in failing. We cannot grow and learn without failure. These citizens were convicted to the democratic process and passionate about their goal and exercised their right. The mistakes made caused their effort to fail. As Henry Ford stated so well, “Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, only this time more wisely.” Lessons learned. I assure you this has brought light to the petition and referendum process.

I feel compelled to comment on this article, written by the “Vail Daily Editorial Board” Who is that or are they? We? This editorial, far from a doctoral thesis, took a “collective” to write? What’s more egregious than a journalist hiding in anonymity is making disparaging remarks about organizers, their efforts and errors made.

I really had a hard time with these chosen words: “Boneheaded” organizers, “sloppy” effort, “clumsy” amateurs, “screwed (the process) up”, “shame”, “shame”, “shame.” really?

I’m not sure whether the “writers” are intentionally being antagonistic and disrespectful. Surely they have more talent than this? The article hurled insulting language at the organizers yet remained agreeable with the effort at the same time?

If there is any “shame” I lay that at the feet of the Vail Daily. The content of this editorial was disrespectful, shamefully disjointed, poorly written and flawed on many levels.

Step out from behind the curtain and use your journalistic skills to author something more than piffle and fluff.

Gladdie Funke


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