Vail Daily letter: Disturbed by candidate’s answers |

Vail Daily letter: Disturbed by candidate’s answers

I am writing in response to sheriff candidate James van Beek’s appearance on KZYR’s “Reporters Roundtable.” I did not find Mr. van Beek’s answers very detailed, but mostly I was disturbed by a couple of statements that he made. The first was in response to the question, “Why would you want this job (Eagle County sheriff)?” Mr. van Beek’s answer was, “Because someone has to.” Am I wrong to think that this answer is not a sufficient answer to that very important question? How about passion, a desire to serve or anything but, “Because someone has to.”

The second, and more disturbing, statement was when discussing his ability to speak foreign languages, he said he can speak “street Spanish,” and “I can speak well enough to arrest someone without too much of a problem.”

I do not know if he was trying to be funny or just disrespectful. He succeeded at one.

The 15,629 members of the Hispanic/Latino population in Eagle County are hoping for a sheriff that respects our family, neighbors and community. Should he be able to have a conversation with us in our native language as Daric Harvey can and does, all the better. If Mr. van Beek hopes to be our sheriff, he might want to begin with choosing his words in a more appropriate, respectful manner.

Rebroadcasts of the program can be heard on and watched on ECOTV.

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Araceli Delafuente

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