Vail Daily letter: Diversionary tactic |

Vail Daily letter: Diversionary tactic

For the past 16 years, I have played golf at Vail Golf Club most days from June through September. The idea from the Vail Town Council that relocating the 18th green is a safety issue is a diversionary tactic. I personally have been hit twice on the 18th hole and both times were where the new 18th green will relocated.

With the new flight-restricted balls and the mats that we now have on the driving range, the current 18th hole is probably the safest hole on the entire golf course! I do not know the reason for this decision (made most likely by non-golfers), but it certainly is not being made for the stated one. The Town Council having overruled the VRD board, has done nothing but upset local golfers, homeowners and resort guests.

In closing, I’m sure Eagle-Vail Golf Course welcomes your inane decision. Good luck on meeting next year’s revenue projections.

Henry Wurtele


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