Vail Daily letter: Donovan for Senate |

Vail Daily letter: Donovan for Senate

We are writing this letter to encourage you to vote for Kerry Donovan for state Senate. Kerry has unquestioned integrity and her decisions are based on facts and information, not emotion and bias. She works easily with people and can think “outside the box.” Her opponent has resorted to innumerable negative and untrue comments about Kerry. He repeatedly states that she operates a “luxury vacation ranch.” In fact, this working homestead lacks most modern conveniences and can hardly be described as “luxurious.” One of the photos displayed in an election pamphlet sent out by Mr. Suppes is not even taken at the Donovan ranch.

Kerry Donovan does not indulge in negative advertising but emphasizes a positive approach for the future. She is the best candidate for state senator, and we urge you to support her.

Daphne and Jim Slevin


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