Vail Daily letter: Donovan for Senate |

Vail Daily letter: Donovan for Senate

I met Kerry Donovan a couple of months ago and have been impressed how she has taken the time to listen to all the voters of District 5. Kerry has worked to help voters know about issues we face across District 5 I don’t recall her opponent spending any time in our Happy Valley doing work as hard or long as Kerry.

I was disappointed to read Matthew Soper’s letter directed at Kerry. He had the opportunity to outline the issues and difference between the candidates for Senate District 5. Instead, his letter was a poor attempt at slinging mud. Does Matthew think the voters of the district are so naive that they will respond to a cheap shot at his candidate’s opposition? And it would have been helpful in his letter if Matthew disclosed his relationship with Suppes. According to Matthew’s LinkedIn account he is a registered agent of the “Suppes for Colorado State Senate”.

Kerry knows our district and the people. We need her looking out for us in the Colorado Senate. I’m voting for Kerry.

Phil Struve


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