Vail Daily letter: Donovan for state Senate |

Vail Daily letter: Donovan for state Senate

I am voting for Kerry Donovan for Colorado state senator in Senate District 5, and I hope you will join me, for several reasons.

• District 5 comprises a broad spectrum of western Colorado including both rural areas but a large portion of the population of this district count on tourism for their livelihoods. Kerry understands the importance of the ski, whitewater and hunting industries and knows firsthand how it drives the economy, having grown up in the Vail area. She also is immersed in the rigors of ranching.

• Water is a valued resource on the Western Slope and Kerry has that as one of her top priorities, along with education and land preservation.

• Kerry subscribes to honesty, integrity, hard work and a hands-on approach to seeking office.

• One of Kerry’s first objectives if elected would be to form a Western Slope caucus to gain strength, formulate ideas and bring a greater understanding of this district to the Colorado Senate.

• Kerry is objective, honest, a good listener, gathers facts and works to build consensus.

• The prospect of a senator from Eagle County, representing District 5, is important and exciting. Please exercise your right to vote.

Marka Moser


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