Vail Daily letter: Donovan for state Senate |

Vail Daily letter: Donovan for state Senate

Representing Senate District 5 in the Colorado State Senate has been a privilege and honor for the past eight years. We have worked together on many important issues that impact rural Colorado, from fighting for our water and environment, standing up for our schools, and growing new jobs on the Western Slope and in the Arkansas Valley. I could not have accomplished any of this without the confidence and trust which you placed in me as your state senator.

Now, I am asking you to place that confidence and trust in Kerry Donovan to represent Senate District 5 for the next four years.

In the state Senate, bills I carried and supported passed with strong bipartisan support to lift up our working families, invest in our children and grow our businesses. Legislation like BEST (Building Excellent Schools Today) built $1 billion of new rural schools; the “Local Foods, Local Jobs Act” gave small food producers, bakers and canners the ability to sell homemade products directly to their neighbors; this year’s “Connect Colorado with Broadband Act” will expand broadband to underserved rural citizens, services and businesses. Creative policies like these are only possible when you are committed to listening to your constituents. I believe Kerry will be a strong listener in the state Senate.

As a rancher who raises cattle and vegetables to sell to local businesses, a dedicated educator in our public schools, and a past elected official on the Vail Town Council, Kerry Donovan has the proven skills and experience needed to represent us at the Capitol. As she says, she “wears ski boots and cowboy boots” and can speak for not only our ranchers and farmers, but also our tourism industry that is responsible for bringing millions of dollars of revenue to our state budget.

Kerry understands that we have to build an economy that benefits everyone, not just a few. She will work hard to find ways to create affordable housing for our young families, to make Western Colorado the hub of a new energy economy which creates jobs, and reduce the cost of healthcare in the mountains. Getting work like this done for Senate District 5 will take heavy lifting and require Republicans and Democrats to work together. Kerry is committed to the task.

It’s time for us to move beyond partisan politics and work together as Coloradans. Kerry’s background gives her that ability to bring multiple voices to the table. The future of Colorado for our children depends on this ability to work side-by-side from the Front Range to the Western Slope for economic prosperity for all of our citizens.

As a grateful representative of this region, I ask for your vote to send Kerry Donovan to represent Senate District 5 in the state Senate. She will do the job we need!

Sen. Gail Schwartz

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