Vail Daily letter: Donovan for state Senate |

Vail Daily letter: Donovan for state Senate

I will tell you that politics is not my thing. I am amazed at the harsh things that come out against each other. So, that is why I wanted to write something.

Kerry Donovon has been a major player in my family’s life. I am from Crested Butte. This is where we raised our family. Our son, Aaron Blunck, decided that he wanted to go further with his skiing career. We made the hardest decision we have ever made. We moved Aaron over to Vail, so that he could train and finish high school. Aaron went to Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy.

Him finishing high school was very important to his father and me. This is where we met Kerry Donovan. Aaron was 15 years old at the time. The first year we met with Kerry here and there. She was not a teacher of Aaron’s. As the first year, passed Aaron began to struggle. He was traveling a lot. It was very hard for him to come back to the classroom and be so far behind. Aaron was ready to drop out. Many other kids doing what he was doing dropped out as well. It was very hard to train, travel, compete and accomplish school. We were ready to call it quits.

Being that Aaron was going to the academy for the reason to finish school, even under these circumstances, we met with Mr. Grimmer, the headmaster, and Kerry Donovan. We were determined to figure out how to make this work. Kerry became very passionate about helping the kids that were in the same shoes as Aaron. As an educator, she knew the importance of getting these kids to stay in school. Over the next two years, we worked very closely with Kerry. Thanks to Kerry, for the passion for education and the strength to stand up for what is right, Aaron graduated from Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy this last May.

So, I have seen the initiative of Kerry Donovan to grow a program of education, to let these kids pursue their dreams and still get an education. Just think what she could do for the state of Colorado. Kerry is down to earth, easy to talk to. She listens and then takes the initiative to get things done. She is a native to a mountain town. A hard worker. In my opinion, she is the best person for this job.

Lisa Blunck

Crested Butte

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