Vail Daily letter: Donovan for state Senate

Based on of all the mail I’ve received, I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the district thinks that Kerry Donovan is a hippie, “left-wing elitist” as one shadily funded advertisement labels her. But most of the district doesn’t know Kerry Donovan.

The Kerry Donovan I know from her days of working at the Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy is real, intelligent and thoughtful. I am a few months too young to vote, but I’ve been able to learn about Kerry on a more personal level. At VSSA when I would struggle with school work, I would go to Kerry because she, with her level head, would be more than willing to help me make a plan to get caught up with school work after a long ski trip. When I traveled to Austria with my team along with her assistance, the Wi-Fi didn’t work. We had all given up on trying and frankly were relaxed to have an excuse to tell our teachers as to why our work wasn’t done. Kerry, however, was committed to finding a way to keep us productive. She scheduled times when we would be allowed to connect to the Internet, to keep it from being overused, and sure enough, it worked. Rather than returning home with limited school work done after almost a month of training, Kerry guided us so we returned caught up in all of our classes.

It’s never really the big stories that lead you to truly know someone. I learn more about Kerry when I see how she snuggles with her dog, how she deals with little problems like a printer malfunctioning, and how she behaves when she is comfortable with someone.

I could list all of the times Kerry has proven to me that she is capable of leading thousands, but they would seem insignificant to those who don’t see it. Kerry Donovan is right to represent District 5 of Colorado because she is a determined problem-solver who cares about others more than herself. Anyone who knows her will say the same.

Skylar Chaney

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