Vail Daily letter: Donovan for state Senate |

Vail Daily letter: Donovan for state Senate

Since I have been receiving expensive, full-color attack pieces on a weekly basis from Kerry Donovan’s opponent, I started to think maybe the Koch brothers were getting involved in local politics. Today, I received an oversize postcard with a picture of President Obama congratulating Kerry on her “tax and spend policies”!

In his vicious attacks on Kerry, her opponent has neglected to inform us what he stands for, and has conveniently forgotten that during his administration as mayor of Orchard City, spending increased by 70 percent!

Enough of the lies and hypocrisy. Kerry has already proven herself over the years as an outstanding citizen and a valuable member of our community. Her years on the Vail Town Council were guided by well-informed decisions and helped a healthy Vail weather the Great Recession. Kerry never came to a council meeting without being well-informed and well-versed on the issues at hand. She is a qualified person to send to the state Legislature.

This is not a matter of Democrat vs. Republican, it is a matter of giving your vote to an honorable and committed candidate, not another duplicitous politician.

Joe Staufer


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