Vail Daily letter: Donovan is spot-on |

Vail Daily letter: Donovan is spot-on

“High capacity ammo magazines are an enormous danger to the safety of Coloradans in public places” — so says Gena Whitten in her letter to the editor of March 13. Whitten’s mindset to eliminate such magazines from public consumption by law-abiding citizens and criminals alike demonstrates the naivete and micro-management by social designers and by governmental politicos — and too, by those who depend upon government for personal direction and guidance. For heaven and hell’s sake, take some personal control and responsibility over you lives.

High performance automobiles (muscle cars) on public roads pose more of a danger to the public than kids on roller-blades. High alcoholic drinks sold in pubs open to the public cause a greater danger (DUI, domestic violence, etc.) than warm milk. “D-Con” (rat poisoning) and radiator coolants sold in public grocery stores pose a greater peril to unwitting consumers. And to name but a few more perils, would Ms. Whitten also limit or ban from the public’s choice dangerous items such as knives, golf clubs, lawn mowers, and unicycles on sidewalks or bicycles on public roads?

The typical criminal has little regard for laws and regulations in the first instance, and secondly makes no distinction between, say, manslaughter (or murder) and a law delimiting the carrying capacity of a fire-arm. Ergo, would you have the law abiding citizen disadvantaged in his defense vis-a-vis a criminal aggressor bent on his demise? Notwithstanding the “feel good” legislation promoted by Whitten et al, the criminals will always be with us and “work” their destruction, because of the incompetence and impotence of government to protect the citizen at all times, in all places, and in all venues. The armed citizen with an equal amount of firepower as the criminal will always be the best deterrent, the best defense and security for himself, his or her family, his or her neighbors, and his or her country in general. Besides, that is the “self-defense” right of any citizen!

(State Sen. Kerry) Donovan is spot-on when she proposes deregulation of such matters, rather than more legislation to supposedly “protect the public” from such perils. After all, who has more at stake when confronting an aggressor in those private and isolated moments and places — the government or the individual? The only effect that limiting the potency of high capacity magazines in the hands of law abiding citizens is to protect the government itself from those very citizens it seeks to disarm; and to so foment that effect by regulation would be to promote tyranny and a police state under the auspices of the likes of IRS, DOJ, DEA, ICE, ATF, EPA, NSA, TSA, FBI, CIA, ad infinitum.

Had there been one well armed private citizen on site during the Columbine tragedy, would there have been a different outcome? Under the current law at the time, we will never know, since this type of zero-tolerance legislation prevented such security and defense. Children deserve deterrence, not after-the-fact investigations!

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Fredric Butler

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