Vail Daily letter: Don’t forget Rummage Sale |

Vail Daily letter: Don’t forget Rummage Sale

Your article on secondhand finds in the Saturday Vail Daily was very well done, and interesting to read. I do feel that I should add my disappointment that there was no mention of the oldest and maybe largest “secondhand finds” offerings in the county — the yearly Eagle Valley Community Fund Rummage Sale in Minturn! Granted, we are only open the third and fourth weekends in August, but many families plan their yearly winter (or yearly) shopping at our sale. We have 14 rooms full of clothing, household items and sports equipment. Outside, we have bikes, furniture, appliances, and this past year, three cars!

We are now taking drop-off donations at our Maloit Park building for next year’s sale. For large items, they may call 845-7070 to arrange for a pick-up. The best part of our operation is that the money raised is divided among approximately 70 local nonprofit groups by the number of volunteer hours that each group worked on the sale. We are always looking for additional volunteers for next summer, and they may call the 845-7070 number with questions.

Nancy Nottingham

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