Vail Daily letter: Don’t harass wildlife |

Vail Daily letter: Don’t harass wildlife

This week, media outlets across the country picked up the story of a baby moose who wandered into a Vail hotel — apparently after being chased by children.

Although many national news outlets presented this story as an adorable news bite, I hope my fellow Coloradans take the opportunity to look at the reality of this tiny moose’s run-in with humans.

Before seeking refuge in the hotel, this baby moose was likely separated from his mother due to human folly. Separated from his mother, this moose’s chance of survival instantly dropped to slim to none. Luckily, Colorado Parks & Wildlife was able to take him to a rehab facility — but it never should have come to that. Because he was imprinted onto humans at such a young age, he may never live in the wild again, one wildlife official declared.

As Colorado Parks & Wildlife warns our communities regularly, to give wildlife the best chance of survival, people should not harass wildlife, especially newborn young. We live in a beautiful state full of breathtaking wildlife, but we should never take their wellbeing for granted.

Hopefully the parents of the children who chased the moose, and those who have seen the news coverage, will use this as a learning lesson to let wildlife be — and therefore live.

Jacquelyn Pyun


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