Vail Daily letter: Don’t know that valley |

Vail Daily letter: Don’t know that valley

I read the Vail Daily every morning online and was quite surprised when I read the latest readers poll question asking what your favorite summertime activity in the Vail Valley is. The list of eight activities include SUP (whatever that is) and scenic lift rides.

Nowhere does it suggest that fishing might be a popular summer activity. But then it does ask for activities in the “Vail Valley.” Since there is no “Vail River,” there really is no “Vail Valley,” is there?

Since there is no Vail River or Vail Valley, I guess you can’t be expected to fish there.

I fish regularly in the Eagle River, which flows through the Eagle Valley, and often on Gore Creek, in the Gore Valley.

I know a lot of folks who fish these streams in the Eagle Valley, and there are a number of great professional guides and shops that provide for the many hundreds of fishermen who live in and visit the Eagle Valley.

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It’s a huge part of the local economy.

I’ll keep looking for the Vail River and Vail Valley. Maybe its somewhere near the Aspen River and Aspen Valley.

I haven’t found that one yet, either.

Anyway, I’ll keep fishing and enjoying the many great summer recreational activities on the Eagle River and Vail, in the Eagle Valley.

Ken Neubecker


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