Vail Daily letter: Don’t provide a bailout |

Vail Daily letter: Don’t provide a bailout

To Scott Fitzwilliams, White River National Forest supervisor:

This is preposterous (“Big land swap idea floated in Minturn,” Thursday’s Vail Daily)! It is inconceivable the U.S. Forest Service has allowed this conversation to progress this far. Three decades ago the U.S. Forest Service successfully created Meadow Mountain as a magnificent “in our back yard” habitat for wildlife and easily accessible area for human and motor-powered recreation. Please close the door on this conversation immediately. Battle Mountain Development Co. representative Tim McGuire’s comment, “There is no question that we will develop Battle Mountain if an exchange is not feasible,” sounds like a threat: “If you don’t play with me, well, look at what I’d do”! Mr. McGuire understands that the economic reality is that there is no market for homes on Battle Mountain. Not now, not ever. His investor, private equity firm Lubert Adler, is seeking a solution to recover the millions they have poured into a failed venture. I request the U.S. Forest Service not provide the bailout. Thank you.

Lee Rimel

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