Vail Daily letter: Don’t spoil Beaver Creek |

Vail Daily letter: Don’t spoil Beaver Creek

My husband and I have been homeowners in the Meadows in Beaver Creek for over 20 years. When we bought our house, Beaver Creek was being marketed as an upscale resort in a beautiful mountain setting. And so it has been. We have raised our children there, we have brought friends to join us summer and winter, and we have also made wonderful friends from all over the world who have also chosen Beaver Creek as their vacation home.

Now Vail Resorts might as well have declared war on us and on the other homeowners they have marketed to all of these years. They have proposed to build a truly hideous, huge roller coaster below Allie’s Cabin on Beaver Creek Mountain. If their plan were permitted to go forward, it would change a beautiful mountain range into a tacky, metal amusement park. They propose to cut hundreds of trees, to destroy the beauty of the aspen glade, and not incidentally, to add loud noise to an otherwise tranquil place. Finally, it is just the latest and most jarring of Vail Associates’ failures to honor their prior agreements.

We hope very much that the Vail Daily will join with the homeowners of Beaver Creek to tell Vail Associates, “Enough! Don’t spoil your own backyard.”

Richard C. Riggs Jr. and Sheila K. Riggs

Beaver Creek

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