Vail Daily letter: Don’t target entire religion

Peter Bergh’s ugly and racist characterization of Muslims, using tired and hateful stereotypes, detracts from his greater point that the actions of terrorists and extremists must not be tolerated (Letters to the Editor, Aug. 4). It is unacceptable — and dilutes the import of properly identifying real terrorists — to claim that term is applicable to hundreds of millions of Muslims. Those who seek to overcome the influence of terrorists and extremists must do better than to rely on dehumanizing rhetoric.

The world community must stand united against all forms of extremism, including extremism motivated by radical interpretations of Islam. Last month, Israel responded to unceasing rocket and missile fire on civilian centers when it launched “Operation Protective Edge.” The operation targeted strategic facilities, tunnels, weapons and the leadership of Hamas, which the United States and the European Union have appropriately identified as a terrorist organization.

When discussing terrorism, let’s be clear about its sources and its horrific toll on innocent civilians, without scapegoating an entire religion for the actions of a few.

Scott L. Levin

Regional director, Anti-Defamation League, Denver

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