Vail Daily letter: Don’t tell us about it |

Vail Daily letter: Don’t tell us about it

“Sprechen Sie Deutsch?” If our current administration were in power during World War II we’d all be speaking German today. I just read an article proclaiming to all the world (including the radical Islamic terrorists) that the FBI was able to hack into the iPhone of the San Bernardino terrorist.

Why would you tell these terrorists that? The fact that the Allies found a way to break the German’s Enigma Code was not known until after World War II! How valuable would it be to have that capability and have the terrorists think their communication was secure when it wasn’t?

San Bernardino, Paris, Brussels, Turkey, etc. We are at war with evil, dangerous terrorists who are hellbent on killing us. We had better get our head out of that place without sunshine. I don’t want to read in the newspapers any information that would benefit the terrorists! I don’t want to read about a high ranking ISIS commander being killed by drone. Just do what you have to do to keep us safe, and keep your mouth shut! Please.

Tom Smith

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