Vail Daily letter: Drunk bus hazards |

Vail Daily letter: Drunk bus hazards

The Vail Transit is one of the best busing companies in the country that delivers free transportation — in-town Vail to East Vail and West Vail. The Vail Transit has around 50 buses to serve the busing services and the cleanest buses I have ever seen. They also run hybrid electric buses in town, which is a plus for fuel pollution but bad that people walking in town who can’t hear them, especially through Solaris Plaza, and someone is going to get hurt if the town board members don’t change the routes soon.

I must say, as a former seasonal town of Vail bus driver, this year I have seen a lot of close calls through in-town driving these hybrid buses.

Also, the town of Vail busing department is great, but there are some loopholes that need to be changed, like hiring seasonal bus drivers to work the drunk buses late night and letting the full-time, year-round workers pick the day shifts. So, each year the busing department at the town of Vail has a lot of turnover and hires new drivers to do the late night buses that the other drivers don’t like or refuse to work those shifts.

I think the more experienced, year-round drivers should deal with the late-night shifts, not the seasonal workers, because the new drivers don’t know how to deal with the drunk buses. I have to admit I didn’t have the proper experience to deal with the drunk buses as a full-time seasonal driver, and it was hard to deal with the drunk buses.

I wish the board members would come out and ride a late-night bus next season and see what us bus drivers go through, and maybe then they’d realize what it’s like. I ask and encourage all residents in Vail to call into the board or go to a board meeting and ask them to change things with the busing services.

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I had fun this season as a town of Vail bus driver, and I must say it was a great experience, but I didn’t know what I was getting myself into driving the late-night shifts where people are so drunk they hit each other, punch each other, yell at each other, harass the drivers to the point they quit.

I think the transit department and Town Council have a lot of changes to make if the want to keep from having someone get hurt and to keep employees on as town of Vail bus drivers with the proper late night driving techniques because right now they aren’t doing a good job in my mind as a CDL experienced driver. I want to send a thanks to Mike Rose, Ed, John, Jordan, Dan, and all the drivers this year for a great 2014-15 winter bus season. Amazing job, everyone.

Matt Smith


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