Vail Daily letter: Eagle County deserves better |

Vail Daily letter: Eagle County deserves better

Recently, a friend of mine, Chris Romer, president of Vail Valley Partnership, wrote an article calling on local politicians to rise above political tactics that use baseless, disparaging personal attacks inherent in many national political races. Clouding the issues with baseless allegations has become a commonplace way to hide a politician’s faults. As a result of the mudslinging that goes on in some of those races, the candidate’s positions on important issues and factual qualifications become convoluted, sinking into a battle of pointing fingers. My opponent’s campaign manager, Bruce Carey, recently submitted an article using such tactics but failed to identify his role. A flood of angry people called me wanting to send letters responding in kind. While I cannot control Mr. Carey’s actions, I can make sure that my campaign follows the principles that Chris talked about because “we can do better.”

A month or so before the primary, I invited both of my Republican opponents to meet with me for coffee so that I could give them my information, and let them know they could call on me if a problem came up. I wanted them to know that no matter the outcome, we were all part of the same community and I intended for that to remain the same after the race.

In the furtherance of that ideal, I have imparted my philosophy of fairness, factual information, and bringing solutions to the issues affecting our community to guide all those who agree to help make my vision of a more engaged and transparent Sheriff’s Office a reality. In the next 50 or so days until the election, what each citizen of Eagle County can continue to expect from my campaign and those who support me are articles, letters, radio ads, videos and social media updates on Facebook that don’t participate in any of the things that Chris warned us about. I want you to know what I’ve done and will do that makes me the best choice. I don’t want my message or who I am to get lost or convoluted in political games. I entered this race to make a difference in our community. My three children go to the schools served by the Sheriff’s Office school resources officers. If I call 911, the Sheriff’s Office is the one who comes to my aid. I am vested in seeing the Sheriff’s Office reach its potential, not in being the better politician. After all, we are a community, and will still be one after a dozen Nov. 4’s have come and gone. That my fellow Eagle County citizens is what you can continue to expect from me — because we can do better.

Daric R. Harvey

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