Vail Daily letter: Eagle-Vail exposed |

Vail Daily letter: Eagle-Vail exposed

As I predicted, the old Eagle-Vail cronies, the tax and spend 5A proponents, will say anything to try to keep me from representing you on the Metro District board. They credit me, and a few others, for the defeat of 5A. They know that I will protect taxpayers and voters. I have, and will continue, to challenge illegal or improper actions by the Metro District or the Property Owners’ Association. My priority is to protect individuals. These attacks, their fear of me, are a great compliment and my best endorsement.

I must, again, set the record straight about Eagle-Vail. Only two-thirds of the properties within Eagle-Vail belong to the Property Owners’ Association. There are homes, right in the middle of the neighborhood, that are not members of the Property Owners’ Association and don’t pay dues. These homes are some of our best-looking and most valuable properties.

For decades, there was no Property Owners’ Association and life in Eagle-Vail was good. Then, a few busybodies decided they needed your money and control over your home. They tried to form a property owners association. Over 90 percent of the homeowners rejected the imposition of a Property Owners’ Association. Unlike other neighborhoods, it was not needed because the Metro District owns all the facilities and provides all the services.

These activists went ahead and surreptitiously recorded a document falsely asserting that a majority of the property owners had approved an amendment to the declaration. The county commissioners did not approve the amendment, which also was required. I challenged this faulty formation of the Property Owners’ Association. You can, too. Ask to see the signatures of the homeowners who approved the formation of the Property Owners’ Association — they can’t show you any.

I want to protect residents from wild tax and spend proposals by the Metro District and overreaching intrusions on your property rights and wallet by the Property Owners’ Association. Be aware, the old guard has announced that, if they can’t get voter approval to raise taxes, they will just raise Property Owners’ Association dues. They think they can do so without your approval.

If you don’t want your Property Owners’ Association dues to rise to $1,000 each year, to be added to the typical homeowner’s Metro District taxes of $1,000, for a total of $2,000 annually, help me protect us all. We can make a lot of positive improvements in the community, in a harmonious way, as long as a small group isn’t on a power trip trying to take advantage of the rest of us.

Carl Luppens

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