Vail Daily letter: Eagle-Vail is better than ever |

Vail Daily letter: Eagle-Vail is better than ever

And getting even better. When we bought property in Eagle-Vail some 17 years ago, there was little in the way of up-to-date amenities. The pool was rag tag at best and the golf course was in dire need of updating. The pocket parks, tennis courts, pavilion, golf clubhouse and the maintenance facilities were all in need of improvements and/or repairs.

Today, thanks to attentive management and many hard-working resident volunteers, much of the needed work has been completed. Said differently, Eagle-Vail is a much better place to live, work and play today than it was just a few years ago. With the guidance and counsel of our community manager, in the past few years the Board of Governors has successfully guided Eagle-Vail onto sound financial footing.

There is a group within the community who disagree. They think we are spending too much to manage this community and apparently want to go back to the not so good old days. I and many, many others I talk to think they are wrong.

The current cost of our staff is roughly 0.2 percent per annum of the current value of the assets in our community. As a business man, I can tell you that the cost is about as close to a rounding error as you can get.

It’s time for those of us who agree Eagle-Vail is way better under current management to stand up and be counted. Please vote in the upcoming Property Owners’ Association election.

Jim Farrell

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