Vail Daily letter: Eagle-Vail needs new leadership |

Vail Daily letter: Eagle-Vail needs new leadership

Do you wonder why Eagle-Vail property values lag the rest of the Vail Valley? The location is so convenient and we have great open space backing up to the National Forest. It is a “cheap” opportunity (relatively speaking) for new families buying in but hard on long-term owners (we’ve owned for three decades and our property value hasn’t even kept up with inflation). Something is wrong.

Ineffective community management seems to be at the heart of the problem. It is a little disturbing that Eagle-Vail residents must use the Vail Daily to communicate whenever neighborhood problems arise, but we are lucky the local paper helps out. The current Eagle-Vail “leadership” seems to resist free debate and discourse. They canceled last Thursday’s board meeting so that they wouldn’t be confronted with ongoing problems right before an election. One board member aggressively manages a “community” website and purges any dissent immediately.

The current board’s squandered several hundred thousand dollars on their $23 million 5A clubhouse proposal before it was soundly rejected this fall. Eagle-Vail property owners must remember that Singletree lost their golf course, which was their main open space. It is now owned, operated and controlled by non-residents. Same thing with Cotton Ranch. Cordillera property owners do not control their golf courses and poor community/golf course relations has depressed property values. If building fancy clubhouses (like the incumbent’s Eagle-Vail 5A proposal) was such a great idea, why did Adam’s Rib sell for 10 cents on the dollar? They have the fanciest clubhouse in the valley.

With our current board, there is a real likelihood that they’d take on too much community debt and we’d lose the golf course. Then large parts of it would be developed, probably as high density affordable housing. That’s the cornerstone of the Urban Land Institute plan that some current Property Owners’ Association board members seem to revere and must want to implement — which includes 500 new, high density, affordable apartments using up key parts of our open space.

Is that what the current board and their supporters mean by “moving forward”? Spend too much, waste too much money and then lose ownership and control of your prime assets due to reckless spending?

There are many properties within the Eagle-Vail Metro (i.e. “recreational”) District that are “excepted” from Property Owners’ Association dues, rules and regulations. It is not fair that a substantial percentage of Eagle-Vail property owners subsidize their neighbors by paying Property Owners’ Association dues that 40 percent of the Eagle-Vail taxpayers are not burdened with. But this subsidy is important to the incumbent Property Owners’ Association board members.

Sticking with the current board will keep our property values lagging below the rest of the valley. If you live in Eagle-Vail and care about the future, vote for Stephen Daniels, Jake Jacobson and Judd Watts. They are smart, they care, and want to protect your property and our open space.

Carl Luppens

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