Vail Daily letter: Eagle-Vail on a good path |

Vail Daily letter: Eagle-Vail on a good path

Dear Eagle-Vail neighbors,

As a 17-year resident of our wonderful community, I feel compelled to write this letter given the upcoming elections for the Eagle-Vail Property Owners Association. Avoiding the antagonistic discourse which has been forwarded by a small yet vocal contingent since the recent 5A election, I believe that a very simple, basic and fair question for all community members to ask would be as follows: “Is Eagle-Vail a better place to live today than it was 10 years ago? And if so, why?”

I believe that the great majority of us would emphatically vote “yes” to the above question — yes, thanks to the forward-thinking leadership and professional management that our community has been blessed with in recent years.

Among other positive changes, we now enjoy a beautiful new community pool, a renovated pavilion and pond that is enjoyed by many, a greatly enhanced golf course, well-maintained pocket parks, wonderful new hiking and biking trails, buried powerlines, attractive entrances with enhanced landscaping, handsome signage throughout the community, a bicycle pump track for our children, an enhanced Nordic track, even striped roads, for goodness sakes, which greatly enhance everyone’s safety as we walk and bike the neighborhood.

All of this did not happen by accident, but rather, came about due to the vision, diligence and professionalism exhibited by those in leadership and management positions, along with a host of supportive and encouraging volunteers. It is my sincere hope that our community will continue to take positive steps forward, that we will continue to invest wisely in our future, and that our leadership will continue to be as visionary and forward thinking as they have in our recent past.

I encourage you to support, and to vote for, those with the vision, experience and ability to work with others that is necessary for us to continue along this positive pathway. Please remember the names Betsy Laughlin, Mike Miscio and Judd Watts as you cast your ballot.

Thank you.

Led Gardner


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