Vail Daily letter: Election observations |

Vail Daily letter: Election observations

I am writing about a couple of upcoming election issues that have been on my mind. First is the overwhelming attention to the Eagle-Vail 5A ballot. Signs are everywhere in Eagle-Vail, and I feel the district has gone overboard with placement. Now many of these signs have been vandalized, which is not only wrong but against the law. Even though my vote is “no,” let’s stop this destroying, spend quality time becoming more informed and, most importantly, vote.

Second is the school board election. The Vail Daily has had many articles regarding this election and I have read them all. Block campaigning is taking place. To become more informed, I have been doing a lot of research on District 50. Online, gave me some startling facts. Here are how some of our schools are ranked in Colorado: ECCA: 110; Brush Creek: 159; Red Sandstone: 274; Eagle Valley Elementary: 503; Red Hill: 566. These numbers come from ranking 956 public Colorado schools. Five Eagle County schools improved since 2013 with the others losing ground. Please take the time to visit this website to see how your school ranks. I encourage you to support Ryan Geller and Robert Ticer as Eagle County needs strong new board members with enthusiasm and a focused direction. Your kids are too important to miss out on a good education. If nothing else, do some research and vote!

Moses Gonzales

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