Vail Daily letter: Elitist ski-town mayors |

Vail Daily letter: Elitist ski-town mayors

Ski resort mayors for Udall — now that is a first and a reflection of just how out-of -touch these cloistered leaders are with the world, let alone Colorado and the happy valleys where they reign. Is there something in the water that all of these mayors drink that puts them in lock-step with Udall, who in turn is in lock-step with Obama and all of his social policies? One would think that there would be some discord with Udall’s “Colorado” policies.

The mayors, in unison, tout that Udall has led the effort to “allow” the ski resorts to create more jobs, especially in summer activities. Is it not a bit presumptuous for government to “allow” prosperity, to license business to create more jobs, or to regulate economic growth into existence? As Mr. Obama (and I presume Mr. Udall) would say, “you didn’t build that”! Let me say this and direct it to these presumptuous mayors — it is the efforts, individual treasuries and fortitude of the private sector that has or will create more jobs, in spite of governmental regulation or Mr. Udall’s “efforts.”

I really did not know that “we” honored our commitment to the veterans as the mayors allege. To the contrary, Mr. Udall and the rest of the administration of which he belongs violated that duty, to the detriment of lives lost, and monies wasted. Mr. Udall’s “efforts” in this regard did not have much effect on the health and welfare of our soldiers and their families — they still suffer, even while Mr. Udall endeavors to maintain his job in D.C.

Mr. Udall supported the Affordable Care Act. Does this mean he read it before he voted it in? Colorado has some of the highest premium rates for insurance as anywhere, and the once voluntarily insureds lost their doctors and plans, notwithstanding the assurances or promises to the contrary by Obama, Udall, Reid and others of the DNC majority. Mr. Udall and those with his social values forced the people of Colorado to purchase an inferior and unaffordable product (insurance) under penalty of law, when before they had a choice in the free market of insurance. Have these mayors read the Fourth Amendment?

The mayors say that Mr. Udall has supported commonsense measures on gun control in keeping with the Second Amendment. Do they not realize that Udall, in consort with Obama, support the U.N.’s treaty that would eviscerate the right of every American to bear arms? The Colorado and federal legislation regarding the registration of firearms is and has been shown to be ineffective in suppressing crime — criminals don’t register their guns, they steal and use them in their nefarious activities. Udall, the mayors and the regime that occupies D.C. are on a course that will eventually disarm the American citizen, thereby leaving him to the care and keeping of a bureaucrat. Have these mayors read the Second Amendment?

These elitist mayors do not speak for me as they purport. They misuse their offices to promote the misguided social agenda of Udall and others in lockstep with Obama.

Fredric Butler

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