Vail Daily letter: Embrace the change |

Vail Daily letter: Embrace the change

The Eagle County commissioners once again have once again voted to deny the appeal by the Cordillera Metro District and the Cordillera Property Owners Association at a recent hearing held on Tuesday. The appeal had temporarily delayed the sale of the Lodge & Spa to Concerted Care Group, a Baltimore-based substance abuse treatment facility operator. It’s time that the Cordillera community and the residents of the Divide open their hearts and minds and embrace the change that’s about to happen in their area of the Cordillera community, because it’s coming whether they like it or not!

The no longer viable Lodge & Spa boutique resort hotel facility is going to be re-purposed and reconfigured to become a high end substance abuse treatment facility and wellness center. Just like the Betty Ford Clinic in Rancho Mirage, California, people will come to Cordillera from all over the country to seek treatment for their addictions and get sober and healthy and may very well choose to live their healthy-sober lives in the same Cordillera community that helped them find the treatment they so desperately needed.

The two Cordillera boards have tried in vain to block this legitimate sales transaction and now need to end this effort in futility and stop wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars of community funds, without the required authorization and support of a majority of the property owners. Embrace the change that’s about to happen and fighting the inevitable. The creation of a new wellness center and the revitalization of a tired, failed, and worn out old resort/hotel operation could turn out to be a huge blessing in disguise.

Although at first glance, this change in use may not appear to be the perfect fit for the Divide initially, but this is a great deal for Eagle County and the entire Vail Valley should welcome Concerted Care Group with open arms! The Vail Valley needs a world class drug treatment facility and I urge you to give Mr. Nordheimer and his company the fair chance they deserve! The CEO of Concerted Care Group is committed to sober/healthy living and simply wants to share his company’s vision of healthy/sober living and to help those suffering with addiction and substance abuse problems.

O.B. Nelson

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