Vail Daily letter: Enjoying open space |

Vail Daily letter: Enjoying open space

Heartfelt thanks are due to Jon Stavney, Jason Denhart, the Eagle County Land Trust, the Homestead and Creamery HOAs, the Scudder-Webster property owners, and all the other people and entities that brought the “L Block” open space above Homestead to fruition, along with the open space agreements for adjoining land. Though this happened a couple of years ago, I think of these determined people often when my wife, dog and I take walks in these areas, which we do frequently. Since this land is directly adjacent to Homestead, it is heavily used by many others also. The open space funds were certainly put to good use. It’s a fine example of good government, and of the good in so many people we are fortunate to have in the county.

Will Darken


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