Vail Daily letter: Excellent care |

Vail Daily letter: Excellent care

The Vail Valley is replete with wonderful vets, boarding facilities, other services targeting pets. Anyone who is here for even a short visit undoubtedly sees that pets are welcomed and appreciated almost everywhere.

My husband and I have just completed our second summer in Edwards, and we share each day of hiking, running, or hanging out with our 10-year-old rescued husky, Lucky.

Recently we did a hut-to-hut trip and we needed to board Lucky and have him certified as healthy by a local vet.

We made an appointment with Dr. Debra at the Avon Pet Centre. I want to let all readers know that this is an exceptional clinic! It turns out that Lucky needed dental work very badly, and he also has benign tumors that we thought were not treatable. Dr. Debra operated on Lucky and removed four very badly infected teeth. She also was able to remove the tumors without side effects.

Dr. Debra and the staff were responsive to all of my questions and it was clear they truly care about the animals and their “parents” as well. I was able to talk directly with Dr. Debra before surgery to clarify what was going to happen, she called me after surgery, and her staff called me the following day to see how Lucky was doing. The boarding experience was super and the overwhelming friendliness of each staff member made me very secure and comfortable.

The best praise I could think of was to communicate to other pet owners through this letter.

Pat Torvestad

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