Vail Daily letter: Excellent presentations |

Vail Daily letter: Excellent presentations

Congratulations to the fifth-grade class at Eagle Valley Elementary school on the completion of their Student Exposition!

For International Baccalaureate students, this is a capstone experience that involves substantial research, analysis and planning that culminates in dynamic presentations in their area of inquiry. During Exposition, the students present their inquiry, findings, and plan of action to make a change to students and parents.

To say they did an amazing job would be an understatement. These bright kids confidently launched into their presentations, made great eye contact, used gestures, and displayed true passion and knowledge about their subject. They answered questions and engaged their audience. And, they did it probably a dozen times that night.

Anyone who has been to a trade show knows how exhausting and challenging such a process is. And, to be clear, they weren’t presenting on easy topics. They spoke about gender parity, unequal access to water, unequal access to preschool, water scarcity and the Colorado River Basin drought, water and air pollution, water vulnerability, animal endangerment, fossil fuels and their connection to climate change, habitat destruction, and changing weather patterns due to climate change. Each presentation culminated with a plan of action to improve conditions.

It just so happened that I saw the movie “Tomorrowland” a few days before Exposition. The quality and traits sought in people in the movie were abundantly available and on display at Fifth Grade Exposition.

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Hats off to the staff and students of Eagle Valley Elementary for their challenging and brilliant work!

Dan Dougherty

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