Vail Daily letter: Excellent program

Two years ago last winter, our family lost our son and brother Tony Seibert in an avalanche in East Vail. The community support we received at that time was incredible; we are all very thankful for that. It’s a big valley, but a very tight community.

Shortly after losing Tony, I participated in the Grief Recovery Outreach Program offered by Celynn McClarrinon. We met once a week for two hours over a nine-week period. During that time, I gave voice to feelings that may have otherwise gone unrecognized and would certainly have had a detrimental effect on my well being. Although the process was painful at times, I truly don’t know where I would be without it.

I think of Tony every day; thanks to Celynn I’ve learned to be grateful for the chance we all had to have him in our lives.

Pete Seibert

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