Vail Daily letter: Exemplary work by Bruce Brown |

Vail Daily letter: Exemplary work by Bruce Brown

I am sending this letter in response to a piece I noticed in the Denver Post about District Attorney Bruce Brown from the 5th Judicial District.

He was responsible for handling the case of my sister (Penny Cunningham), who was murdered in Eagle County in November 2013.

As the personal representative (executor) of my sister’s estate, I have had close communications with him over a period of more than two years, including attending the trial.

Through that whole horrible process, Bruce Brown and his office were always available to family to answer questions, inform us of the progress on the case and help us use the resources available to families of crime victims and responded to our family in a way that was exemplary.

The District Attorney’s Office and all of the staff that we had contact with reflect what is best about our justice system. This does not happen without the person in charge encouraging that and exemplifying those qualities.

Not once did I ever think that he was on some kind of “vacation” and unavailable. While the article implied that he somehow avoided the responsibilities of his job, my experience of his work ethic is quite the opposite. If someone who works as hard as he did on our case is not allowed flexibility to take the needed time off, when it is appropriate, we will be losing a valuable person in the justice system that needs more people like Bruce Brown.

David J. Cunningham

Bellingham, Washington

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