Vail Daily letter: Facts, not fantasy |

Vail Daily letter: Facts, not fantasy

It is encouraging to see a response to my letter to the editor, generously published on Aug. 19. Unfortunately the response, “Stark contrast” (Aug. 27) assumes too much, and ignores too many facts. I loath wholesale accusations of lying; my letter was written in response to another author who said, and I paraphrase, “Hillary lies, everybody lies, but she is my liar and I am voting for her.” FBI Director James Comey also testified to the lies of Hillary. She was fired from the Nixon investigation after being characterized as an unethical attorney.

These are just a few of the facts about our Democratic nominee. Recognizing the facts does not represent a “Republican witch hunt” any more than the Watergate investigation embodied a “Democratic witch hunt.” Speaking the facts is reminiscent of the days when journalists were political watchdogs as opposed to lap dogs.

We are stuck with two terribly flawed candidates. Referring to Trump as “Archie Bunker” may be cute as a comedy routine, but it does reflect somebody who listens to edited clips on MSNBC, but does not listen to a speech in its entirety. I readily admit that I desire a president with a better demeanor, but this is an area where neither candidate holds an advantage. There is a reason why White House staffers in the Clinton administration referred to the plane carrying Hillary Clinton as “Broomstick 1.” It was not for her jocular disposition.

In one corner we have a candidate that can be boorish, a bully and at times ill-spoken, but is very accomplished and successful. In the other corner is a candidate that has been around politics, held office, and never really accomplished anything. Many of her supporters, in numerous interviews, fail to provide a list of substantial accomplishments. The world is certainly not a safer place following her reign as secretary of state.

As for me, I choose to vote on facts, not fantasy. Having been a proud independent, I now see the Progressive movement of the modern Democratic Party taking us ever farther away from our founding principles and foundational law. Some will choose to forgive Hillary’s lies, and that is their right. I however cannot forgive the lies told to the families of Benghazi victims. I cannot forgive gross contempt for the laws and regulations violated as secretary of state. I cannot forget the lies perpetrated to mask her incompetence with national security.

I will leave you with one final quote of my own: “White lies matter.”

Kurt Erickson


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