Vail Daily letter: Fear, uncertainty and doubt |

Vail Daily letter: Fear, uncertainty and doubt

This year, Eagle County citizens will be making a very important decision. There are two candidates vying to become your next sheriff. Both candidates have shared their experience and why they should get your vote. There is only one candidate that has done something no other sheriff’s candidate has done in the past … campaign negatively. This year’s Democratic candidate is using a political strategy known as FUD. He has placed advertisements in both print and radio making unsubstantiated accusations that are meant to create fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD). This tactic may fit national and state politics. However, Eagle County politicians have never lowered themselves to this level in order to get your vote.

In listening to a radio debate between the two candidates, I found it interesting that the two had an early agreement to not attack each another. Being a good debate moderator, Mr. Carnes challenged the Democratic candidate as to why he placed an advertisement in this paper putting down the current position of his challenger. The Democratic candidate’s answer was nothing more than “I thought it might come off as negative but I did it anyway.”

In a radio advertisement the Democratic candidate (who shows no jail experience in his resume) made an accusation that your Eagle County jail is unsafe. Once again, in the radio debate the Democratic candidate stated that was due to two suicides that occurred in the Eagle County jail. Any county jail is arguably going to be one of the highest liabilities in county government. Did the Democratic candidate mention how many incidents of violence there are in the county jail? No. Did he mention how many times inmates have assaulted detention deputies or how many times detention deputies have assaulted inmates? No. That information would have shown that Eagle County’s jail is arguably one of the safest jails in America. The hard working deputies of your Eagle County jail are professional individuals that help make your community safe and do not deserve this insinuation.

Is this an indication of what happens if the Democratic candidate is elected? Fear, uncertainty and doubt is not what I am looking for in the next sheriff.

Bill Kaufman


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