Vail Daily letter: Focus on here and now |

Vail Daily letter: Focus on here and now

As pointed out by Mr. Decker in his comments of late (Letters to the Editor, June 30) regarding the “non-native” character of the interchange improvements, I also observe other “non-native” attributes of Eagle, like motels, expensive homes, retail shops and recreational facilities, e.g., ice rinks, football fields and so on. The “non-native” improvements to the interchange in Eagle are complimentary to the “non-native” complexion or character of Eagle as it has changed through a century and a half. The town of Eagle did recognize the indigenous and historic flora of Eagle, and that is perhaps why those I-70 improvements were not installed at the crossroads of some lost and abandoned trail in the middle of the White River National Forest or in the boondocks of the BLM. The focus was upon the here and now, rather than some nostalgic and bygone era that not even native Americans remember. I say well done, town of Eagle; it all fits in today’s fabric!

Fredric Butler

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