Vail Daily letter: Focus on solutions |

Vail Daily letter: Focus on solutions

As a small business owner, it was a welcomed pleasure to see “one of the busiest winter days in the town’s history” (Vail Daily, Jan 12). As an owner of a medical marijuana shop in Eagle-Vail, it was nice to have this occur just 11 days after recreational marijuana became legal in the state of Colorado. As a snowboarder with two small children, it was tough competition for a good parking spot to take my daughters to Adventure Ridge. As a season pass holder for 18 years, it was a great day for all that were able to battle their way into some of the best conditions of the year. As a person who used to drink alcohol somewhat often in my past, but who barely drinks alcohol these days, and as a person who currently consumes medical marijuana, it was nice that even though alcohol was served at the beer festival, as well as in the bars on and around the mountain, that, overall, I didn’t hear of any major problems occurring among one of the largest crowds in history. I wonder who walked the farthest, the drinkers, the marijuana consumers or the teetotallers/non-marijuana users?

I’m very happy to live in one of the greatest places in the world with some of the most reasonable and intelligent folks. Focus on solutions. Focus on the positive. We the people can work all of our issues out together. Thanks to everyone for showing up on Saturday to the Vail Valley. No matter what type of person you have chosen to be, we are here to welcome you and assist you on your adventures. Unfortunately there is no recreational marijuana available for purchase at any shops in Eagle County at this time (to the hundreds that have stopped at my shop to inquire). But, there will most likely be some available to purchase in the near future. Just keep acting reasonably and Eagle County will continue to follow your lead and license a shop here shortly.

Greg Honan


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