Vail Daily letter: Follow the rules |

Vail Daily letter: Follow the rules

My name is Joseph Edelmann and lived in Vail for the past nine seasons. I’m trying to get people aware to always know where they are skiing at all times. Because on my birthday, Wednesday Dec. 4, I was snowboarding in a set of trees between Prima and Riva runs that were roped off. I did not see nor was aware of any ropes in that area. I came out of the trees on to Northface cat track down to lower Riva when I was stopped by Ski Patrol. I was very upset and tried to argue with him, not getting anywhere — just getting my pass taking for 30 days. I was wrong in my actions and realize he was just doing his job. After taking the skier safety class on Dec. 8, I wanted to let people know that if they did not know where they were skiing, ask a person from Ski Patrol to make sure they were not going to be in a closed area. Riding in a closed area is very dangerous and there’s a reason why they are closed. You could get seriously injured, or get lost and even die. So always be aware of where you are skiing and follow the rules and regulations. Thanks for listening.

Joseph R. Edelmann


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