Vail Daily letter: Food for thought |

Vail Daily letter: Food for thought

The post mid-term results resonate more with some than others — east and west as context. It occurred to me where the twain shall meet, should my instincts befit an aging Kiwi conservative with benefits.

• The medical industry applauds future deferral/defeat of the tax on devices, refocusing on R&D for the perfect knee prosthetic.

• Corporations salivate whilst dreaming of revised tax codes, unenthused about the prospect of Irish inversion.

• Government-bloated employees of EPA, NSA, IRS, VA and FDA ( “Dilberts”) shiver at the prospect of downsizing under GOP mandates.

• Nazi Social Security recipients in Europe quiver at the prospect of goose-stepping to the mailbox only to find discount coupons for spatzle.

• Fox News delights in the idea of a more humble Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz.

• Anxiety returns to Putin, Assad and Ahmadinejad (German: “Argh, my dinner’s jaded.”)

• Netanyahu is more comfortable — he really has an ally now who doesn’t think he’s chicken s—.

• The words “Islam” and “jihad” are now back in print at The New York Times.

• Lois Lerner may actually go to jail.

• Secret Service miscreants will be spanked, although not in the way they envisioned.

• Voters in some districts may actually have to get a driver’s license.

• Citizens from Liberia may have to suffer through a lie-detector test.

•The U.N. may actually have to justify itself.

Food for thought.

Patrick Mitchell


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