Vail Daily letter: For Chandler-Henry, Harvey |

Vail Daily letter: For Chandler-Henry, Harvey

Election season is upon us. Almost over may be the more accurate description. Ballots were mailed last week and I have two Eagle County candidates that I am wholeheartedly supporting.

Kathy Chandler Henry is running for re-election as county commish. I’ve known her and worked with her for 20 some years. She was raised in the Eagle Valley and has been a committed educator, business owner, volunteer and trusted elected official. She was my first professor when I returned to college in my late 30s. She was one of the best teachers I would ever have, expecting a tremendous amount from her students and of herself. She is committed to representing the Roaring Fork Valley side of Eagle county and shows up consistently as a RFTA board member and to make sure she is there for the many times we need our voice heard on the other side. I trust and admire her more than any elected official I have ever known.

Daric Harvey is running for sheriff and is a new friend. He has great strengths in community policing and currently holds a leadership position in law enforcement on the Vail PD. And most importantly because I didn’t really know Daric previously, I dug around to discover the important stuff. I sat down and chatted with law enforcement friends I trust from this side of the mountain. They know him and support him unanimously as their unquestionable choice for sheriff. Leadership, experience, transparency and communication are the attributes they pointed to as their reasons for support. The support of fellow law enforcement officers is good enough for me.

They both have websites and phone numbers and I know they would love to hear from you regarding your questions or suggestions.

Please vote for Kathy Chandler Henry for Eagle County commissioner and Daric Harvey for Eagle County sheriff.

Jacque Whitsitt

Mayor of Basalt

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