Vail Daily letter: For the love of money |

Vail Daily letter: For the love of money

With all due respect to the colonel’s published opinions (protected by Amendment One) concerning his view of a “marijuana crisis” in Eagle County, it must be said that prior to the suburban “colonization” here (of which he is a part), there was no crisis.

It may be a “stretch” for some to realize the comparisons which may be drawn in understanding how “colonization” may kill individual and community life.

For “colonization” is a self-serving concept; it “subjugates” a distant population, not one’s own.

It speaks of an “alien” arrival in another’s “native” land with a view to assuming control of it for the express purpose of satisfying one’s own ends through imposition of a greater power against a lesser power.

One, then, is mindful of what French “colonization,” with later American agreement and support, caused in what came to be called the “Paris of the East” and the eventual destruction of that “native” culture which such “colonization” caused, and which brought eventual defeat and disgrace to the “colonizer.”

Prior to the arrival of “colonization” in Eagle County, of which the colonel is a suburban member, there were no “pot shops,” no hospitals with cosmetic surgery departments or abortion clinics, no quasi-churches in which Alcoholics Anonymous meetings outnumber religious services, no illegal immigrant laborers and domestics constructing and maintaining expensive suburban residences, no crime to speak of, no large-staffed police departments dedicated to upper-class interests, no town councils or county commissions comprised of suburban officials, no cancer centers for ill, or dying, persons who properly belonged in the Denver metropolitan area.

The foregoing list, of course, is incomplete in describing all of the problems that suburban “colonization” brought to Eagle County (and the American West) at the invitation of its real estate culture.

And so, it might be wise for those who did not, do not, and never will, belong in the mountain valleys of the American West, to perhaps remain silent as to how life should be pursued here.

For the blame of the undoing of its former peaceful, orderly, and joyful life must be laid at your own doorstep in improperly believing that the construction of your “mountain dream home” bettered community life by your arrival.

For you see, “the love of money is the root of all evil” (1 Timothy 6:10), and nearly all of the evils present here today may be explained by this simple admonition.

And yet, the so-called Christian moral focus here today seems to be: Economic greed is fine, so long as one is opposed to “abortion” or some other (“But, the ‘right to life’ is foundational”) announcement.

Art Allard


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