Vail Daily letter: Franciose for coroner

This letter is in support for Sue Franciose for coroner. Her professionalism, sensitivity and intelligence make her the best candidate for this position. Sue has the energy and commitment needed to care for the families who have lost loved ones, no matter the time of day or night. Donna Barnes, RN, who was our respected coroner for many years and has worked with both Bettis and Sue, is supporting Sue Franciose . Donna’s opinion and decision to support Sue is important, as Donna recognizes who is the best choice. A coroner needs to be respectful at the scene of a death, as this is privileged information and details should not be brought up in a public forum. Sue Franciose will be mindful and respectful of this and will be discreet and selective with these details and will consult with the families before discussing any information with the press or the public. Please join me in supporting Sue Franciose for coroner. She will serve our county well with integrity, compassion and grace.

Susan and Kevin Kanne

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