Vail Daily letter: Franciose for coroner |

Vail Daily letter: Franciose for coroner

I wholeheartedly support Sue Franciose for coroner in this election and I strongly urge anyone reading this letter to do the same. I have known Sue for just shy of 10 years and as anyone else who knows her can attest, she is determined and fierce and if she tackles something, she does it right. She is not shy about stepping in and working hard.

To be clear, as in most elections in Eagle County, we are blessed with an abundance of gifted and qualified candidates to choose from. Kara has done a stand-up job during her tenure as coroner — there is nothing bad or negative to say about her time in office. My opinion is that if there is someone as enthusiastic and talented as Sue who wants to do the job of coroner, we are lucky to have that choice.

She could be considered to be overqualified for this position — she is a nationally certified medical investigator and a forensic nurse, she is a former Eagle County deputy coroner with 28 years experience as an LPN, but my main reason for supporting her bid for coroner is this:

She has worked directly with organ and tissue donation/transplants for over 11 years as a member of the harvest, transplant and research teams.

When a registered donor dies in a hospital, the hospital staff is required by law to contact Donor Alliance and initiate the donation process. Most Eagle County deaths occur outside of the hospital. The coroner then has the choice to contact Donor Alliance. Donor Alliance publishes a yearly report (, resources , documents/download) that lists all the county coroners that participate in the program. Eagle County has never been listed. Sue will change this. Honoring the wishes of the deceased is important and the right thing to do. The program is available and many other county coroners participate. Sixty-seven percent of Coloradans are registered donors. One donor can help up to 100 people. She will make sure all registered donors have the opportunity to donate.

If Sue Franciose says she is going to do something, she will do it and she will do it well.

Jill Landman Alfond

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