Vail Daily letter: Franciose for coroner

In response to Shaun Baldwin (Letters to the Editor, Oct. 6):

When running in an election, it is necessary for candidates to point out the things they will do. Ms. Franciose has done this consistently during her campaign, with the facts. When did stating the facts become “negative campaigning?”

At the debate, Ms. Bettis claimed she was an advocate for Donor Alliance. Ms. Franciose pointed out that Donor Alliance had no record of any calls/direct referrals from the Coroner’s Office — a statement that was confirmed by the Vail Daily after they contacted Donor Alliance. Ms. Bettis then stated that she treats Donor Alliance the same way Denver and Larimer counties do. Ms. Franciose pointed out on Facebook that Denver and Larimer counties participate in the direct referral program and are listed in the Donor Alliance yearly report at (resources, documents/downloads). Eagle County is not listed. Ms. Bettis said in an Aspen Times article that she didn’t consider it her role to contact Donor Alliance. Ms. Franciose disagreed, saying that honoring the wishes of the deceased should be part of the coroner’s role. I’m glad that Ms. Franciose is making the community aware that this program is available, Ms. Bettis doesn’t support it, and that she will. Ms. Franciose then posts on Facebook that Ms. Bettis recently made the first-ever Eagle County referral to Donor Alliance, and that she is glad that the program is being taken seriously. Once again, stating the facts — how is this negative?

The coroner’s role is to investigate the scene, identify the deceased, notify the family and determine the cause and manner of death — at the minimum. Ms. Franciose states she will do this and more. According to her website, she wants to make sure all registered donors have the opportunity to donate, provide yearly education to the deputy coroners, develop an informational pamphlet to give to the families, have scheduled meetings with all the first responder groups, and provide preventative information to local schools and businesses. I’d say Ms. Franciose is willing to take the coroner role and go above and beyond the minimum.

Yes, having a compassionate person as the coroner is essential. Ms. Bettis’ compassion has been the topic in recent letters to the Vail Daily editor titled “Not voting for Bettis,” “Inappropriate sign,” and “Insensitive to patients.”

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I’m glad there is a choice this election. I encourage everyone to watch the debate, look at both web sites, Facebook pages and then decide who should represent Eagle County.

Rose Stratton


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