Vail Daily letter: Franciose for coroner |

Vail Daily letter: Franciose for coroner

I think we have two good candidates running for the county coroner position. One has 12 years experience in the job and the other has all the credentials, medical training and compassion necessary for the job along with the endorsement of the previous coroner under whom she worked.

What’s the difference and why would I vote for one over the other? The difference is one has shown how she does the job and it’s adequate. The other has the ability, skill-set and enthusiasm to look beyond just doing the basic job and will work to make it a position that not only comforts those with a loss but offers them an opportunity to make some lasting meaning from a time of despair.

I have known Sue Franciose for over 10 years as she has worked with the Community Guest Service program. Sue has proven her concern by helping other people and has shown an ability to make their life and experiences more rewarding.

Sue is passionate about the job of county coroner because she knows she can make it more meaningful, implement new programs and help save lives with transplants that are not occurring under our current approach. I, for one, hope that the heart on my driver’s license, that I had put there to afford an opportunity to save another’s life through organ donation, is honored instead of being ignored as is the current policy.

Sue has contributed to the community in many ways and has always shown a concern for helping others through medical practice and volunteerism. When Sue is endorsed by such people as Dr. Jack Eck and Cheryl and Bill Jensen, you know you have someone who is showing concern, commitment and caring for our community. Please vote for Sue Franciose and give her the opportunity to make the coroner’s job more meaningful to our county.

Tom Edwards

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