Vail Daily letter: Franciose for coroner

Last year when the snow melted in the backyard of the original Katsos Ranch house, which I had just purchased, my son found the skeleton of a large animal. He was so excited at his discovery! I knew it was not human remains but called my friend Sue Franciose, who is running for county coroner to help make a positive identification. In order to make it more interesting, we invited students from my sons class at the Vail Mountain School.

We spent time with Sue one afternoon as she explained the role of county coroner, showed pictures and diagrams of the skeleton of several mammals, and discussed forensic medicine. We are all fascinated.

She has such a passion and commitment to help our community as county coroner that I hope you will join me in supporting her.

We also want to thank her for taking the time and making the effort to teach our children about another possible career choice!

Robin Burch

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