Vail Daily letter: Franciose for coroner

Ballots are showing up in everyone’s mailbox, and I’m asking you to cast your vote for Sue Franciose for Eagle County coroner. I am a former local firefighter, and I’ve had the opportunity to work with Sue on the job when she was an deputy coroner to Donna Barnes. I’ve also known Sue personally for the past decade, watching our daughters grow up together in the valley.

I remember on one dark, long night, this poor soul had died on the highway in a traumatic fashion, and Sue spent the whole night out investigating this person’s death, while her daughter slept in the car, and I remember thinking, what dedication, she could have put us off to wait with the deceased until the morning (firefighters are going to stay there anyway), until someone was there to take care of her daughter and she could have dealt with the situation in the morning. But no, there she was, taking care of business in a professional and understanding way. There were no relatives present for this specific occasion, thankfully as it was quite gruesome, but regardless, the deceased was treated with respect and dignity while still preserving the integrity of the part of I-70 that was a crime scene at the time.

Sue only showed the utmost in courtesy and dignity to both the deceased and their families, when they were present. I sincerely hope that if elected, you never have to meet Sue in a professional capacity, but know full well if you do that you and your loved one will be respected, and that their final wishes will be respected. It makes me uncomfortable to discover in the paper that there hasn’t been a single cadaver turned over to the Organ Donor Alliance in 12 years in Eagle County. I have to assume there were situations which could have resulted in the potential donation of organs or other tissue over the past 12 years, and someone had ID from Colorado with the organ donation heart printed on it with them at the time of their death. This is a tragic waste and a huge disappointment to me personally as an organ donor.

Vote for Sue Francoise for Eagle County coroner. It’s time for a fresh start.

Jeff Boock

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