Vail Daily letter: Free market dislocations |

Vail Daily letter: Free market dislocations

1. The official town of Vail government position on workforce housing is to put private employee housing providers out of business.

2. As the town expands its involvement in business employee housing, it’s driving the privates out of business.

3. Not only that, a portion of tax revenues the privates provide is used against them.

4. There is nothing wrong with competition. But when your money is used by the town to buy property on which a competing employee housing business operates, you are being treated unfairly.

5. Businesses need employees. Employers need housing.

6. A more direct way to support businesses would be to reduce taxes on those businesses, so that employers can allocate their additional revenue effectively.

7. That additional revenue would not be diluted by the cost of government housing czar — with their offices, their cars, their health insurance, and their retirement packages.

8. Government involvement in business employee housing causes huge free market dislocations.

9. It makes me question why I am still in business. Why not do Airbnb?

10. The group that gains by its involvement in workforce having is the government, not you the employer or employee.

11. Under the guise of helping people, the government has produced a government-guided segment of the economy that feels more like the old East Germany than the United States.

Wolfgang Mueller

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