Vail Daily letter: Free parking is a draw |

Vail Daily letter: Free parking is a draw

As Edwards residents, my wife and I fly several times a year. We almost always fly out of the Eagle County Airport. The airfare is generally about $200 more each but we justify that with stress of the two-hour round trip to DIA (assuming no delays on I-70), the wear and tear on our car, the cost of staying overnight in an airport motel, the ease of clearing security at EGE vs. the hassle at DIA, the friendly airport crew who know and recognize us, and the ensuing DIA parking fees.

For years I’ve been saying that “These are the good old days. Sooner or later, ‘they’ are going to build a parking structure and then we’ll have paid parking.” Well, I was half right, I guess. As semi-retired residents, my wife and I have to weigh the relative trade offs of EGE vs. DIA. We know that the merchants and businesses (especially Vail Resorts) in the valley subsidize the airlines with guarantees on seat occupancy and that helps keep commercial flights coming into our home airport. I just hope the county is weighing the revenue they expect they will generate by instituting paid parking vs. folks like us who weigh the relative cost and hassle of flying from DIA vs. EGE.

Also, we truly appreciate and applaud Vail Resorts’ contributions toward making EGE a viable and convenient destination for visitors to the valley. Maybe, someday in the not-too-distant future we, as a community, can lure their corporate headquarters back so their distant travel can also contribute to the airport revenue as an added boost to the vitality of our treasured EGE.

Randy Pelton

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