Vail Daily letter: Fresh leadership needed |

Vail Daily letter: Fresh leadership needed

We have been property owners in Eagle-Vail for 32 years and, like so many of our good neighbors, love the location and the open space. We are continually frustrated that, on a fairly regular basis, the majority of the property owners have to stand together to stop the “special interest minority” from imposing another of their costly pet projects on the neighborhood.

Most Eagle-Vail homeowners are busy with their families, with work, with outdoor recreation and just enjoying life. They don’t have time to keep a constant watch on the local “governors.” But now they have a chance to protect themselves and their community — three POA board members will be elected by mail-in ballot (due back to Eagle-Vail by Feb. 12). There are five candidates, two “incumbents” (previously appointed by their “insider” buddies, not elected) and three responsible homeowners who are smart, financially experienced and can be trusted to work for the good of the entire community, not special interests or expensive “pet projects.”

In November, a huge majority of Eagle-Vail voters overwhelmingly rejected an incredibly expensive, ill-conceived $23 million property tax increase that the current Board of Governors tried to sneak through. Somehow the current board didn’t get the message and they are trying to re-package this disaster in order to foist it on us again. The incumbent board members are still strong supporters of the 5A project. They have ignored survey results and have no problem throwing our money at Metro District projects before ever putting together a comprehensive long-term strategic plan that would reflect what is important to the Eagle-Vail residents they are supposed to represent, and what can be afforded.

Protect yourself and your community. Vote for Stephen Daniels, Jake Jacobson and Judd Watts, who will look after your interests. We need fresh, independent representation for Eagle-Vail.

Diane Luppens


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